CABCo Turns 21!


In 1996, the film Independence Day hit theaters in all its Will Smith alien-punching, Bill Pullman-presidenting glory. 


In 1996, for 4 months Macarena sat at the top of the charts in all its hand-motion, hip-shaking glory.


In 1996, Court Avenue Restaurant & Brewing Company opened in downtown Des Moines in all its craft beer-making, handmade food-serving glory.


On October 17th we will be celebrating one of these events. Yep, you guessed it, we'll be playing the Macarena on repeat ALL DAY LONG!!!


Oof, just thinking about that makes my head hurt. Here's what we're ACTUALLY doing: on October 17th from 5PM-7PM we're throwing our 21st Birthday Party and you're invited! We'll have a buffet of throwback food, cake for all, Tony Bohnenkamp slinging the live tunes, and a special tapping of that modern classic Melon Camp Melon Kölsch! Come eat, drink, and party with us!


-Brian V. (Head Brewer)

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