Hello, Governor!

THIS GUY is coming to visit us on Sunday! Oh, no, not the guy that was President. The other guy. The guy on the right. And really we should have said a FORMER Governor walks into a brewpub...


...let's start again, shall we?


This Sunday, January 27th at 6PM, former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is paying us a visit! Hickenlooper, a former brewer, will be in town as he continues mulling the question of running for president and wanted to swing by to see the oldest brewpub in Des Moines. He'll be checking out the facility, signing a mug, maybe even drinking a beer.


Ever wanted to meet that potential president that you felt you could have a beer with? This might be your best chance. Come help us give John a CABCo welcome! Facebook event page here.


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