ESB Tapping




While we anxiously await weather better than that of Antarctica on a bad day, we take solace in images like the one above: a cozy, inviting bar stool in a quintessential English pub. Fortunately for us and you, we're about to release the perfect companion beer to such a setting...


Tomorrow, Saturday, March 9th at 10AM we will tap ESB (Extra Special Bitter) - a 5.5% ABV English-style ale. 'Bitters' gained their name as a means of differentiation from 'milds' due to an increased, you guessed it, bitterness. Fear not, bitter beer despisers - American IPAs are far more bitter. Our ESB has a classic English malt character with an American twist - Citra & Falconer's Flight hops. Perfect for these end of winter days. See you tomorrow! Facebook event page here.


P.S. For those of you thinking "Hey! Where's the IRISH beer you feckers?? St. Patrick's Day is a week away!" - stay tuned, it's coming 😄


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