Java the Hutt

CABCo will release Java the Hutt on Monday, December 14th...


Who is Java the Hutt, you ask? Java the Hutt is the illegitimate child of Jabba the Hutt. Being illegitimate is not surprising since all of Jabba's children are illegitimate. But Java is special because Java is the child of the beautiful barista Hutt, Fiona.


Fiona was the only Hutt that saw Jabba almost daily after his usual night of drunken debauchery. But in Jabba's morning trips to Java Joe's (where Fiona was employed and ultimately became Java's name sake), Fiona saw Jabba in a different light. In the mornings, Jabba had a clear mind and a fragility about him that was curiously attractive to Fiona. This relationship would be the only constant in Jabba's sorted scalawag of a life.


Our Java the Hutt is the bi-product of a fiery chance encounter between Fiona and Jabba on a freakishly rare night that Fiona did not have to open Java Joe's the next day. Here at the brewery we want to honor the one good thing that came from Jabba, so we honor Java the Hutt. We will temporarily immortalize Java by making a Coffee Brown Ale in his name, "Java the Hutt."


So stop on by CABCo beginning on Monday to raise a glass to the Hutts, and may the force be with us all.


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