Mug Club 2018 is Upon us!

Hey Guys!  Mug Club is upon us once again.  We’re finally legal!  The 2018 Mug Club will celebrate our 21st birthday and we are as excited as ever!  Mugs are ordered, shirts are designed, and we are going to have the best year yet.  For those of you who are current Mug Club members, don’t forget that our renewal for your mugs begin on November 1st.  For those of you who are not Mug Club members, your open enrollment begins on December 1st.  Also, as an added benefit we have a small list of Mugs from last year that weren’t sold so we are opening those up to our Members beginning at our October 17th Mug Club party celebrating our 21st birthday!  That means you have a chance to get a new mug earlier if you are a current member.  We hope to see you guys Eating, Drinking, and Partying with us soon!


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