Pay Your Age Mug Club

Parents, looking for the PERFECT gift for your twenty-something? Twenty-somethings, looking for the perfect gift for yourselves because you know your parents probably won't buy you the opportunity to drink beer cheaper even though it's all you REALLY want for the holidays? Look no further!


This weekend (Saturday, December 15th & Sunday, December 16th all day) we are conducting a Pay Your Age promotion for our 2019 Mug Club!!! Our $49.99 Memberships will be discounted as follows:

Turning 21 this weekend? Pay $21.
37? Pay $37.
105? Holy crap, we'll have what you're drinking. Oh, and pay $105. Just kidding! Offer is valid up to 50 years old. After that, you'll still pay $50 😄


Offer valid with a valid photo ID. Limit 1 per person. Link to Facebook event page here


Treat yourself! You deserve it. The bills can wait.


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