Special Tap Saturday - Brew Day Edition!

Hey Brew Fans, we've got a very SPECIAL Special Tap Saturday this week - double the special!


Ever wanted to learn more about the brewing process?

See a unique brew method unfold before you??

Have a brewer all to yourself to ask as many questions as you want???


Tomorrow, Saturday September 8th from 9AM - 2PM, Brewer Aaron Knapp will be brewing a specialty batch of Oktoberfest on our newly established 5-gallon pilot system. Aaron will be utilizing a traditional brewing method known as 'decoction mashing' (for those inclined to geek out about this kind of thing, click here for more info) and will be holding an information session while he does it! Anytime between 9AM and 2PM, come grab a pint and head to the brewhouse to see him at work! Click here for the Facebook event page.


See you Saturday!


P.S. This beer will be released mid to late October for Mug Club Members only.


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