Special Tap Saturday: Introducing Beerista!

CABCo Coffee-mates,


♫ The best part of waking up 🎶 is BEE-EER in your cup ♪ !!!


You heard that ditty right ya'll - this Saturday, April 14th we are proud to introduce Beerista, a Black Lager with coffee from Zanzibar's Coffee Adventure on Ingersoll! This smooth brew has 10 gallons of cold-brewed Peruvian Dark Roast added. The result: bold, coffee-rich roastiness in an easy-drinking 5% ABV body. You might just want to skip the morning cup o'joe altogether...


Get down here early - the prize this week for kicking the keg is a Mug Club Membership!!! Already have one? Gift it to a friend so they can join you on your Special Tap Saturday adventures!


See you Saturday!


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