Special Tap Saturday: Thew Brew Edition!

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of 'thew' is as follows:


thew (n)

1. Muscular strength

   1.1 (thews) Muscles and tendons perceived as generating strength


Well we can tell you, after their debut here on Wednesday, they certainly live up to that name - they flexed their beer thews like whoa! We've got good news if you missed it - we've still got some left!


This Saturday, May 12th we'll be serving up their Tickle Torture New England IPA and Lots of Lonely Nights Rye Saison until we run out! Pro tip - both are extremely limited in quantity so you better get down early if you want to be sure to snag some. Come flex your beer-drinking thews while chewing some Thew!


See you Saturday!


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