Drink the Java the Hutt Ale!

The release of Java the Hutt coincides with the Star Wars Character Costume Contest on Monday, December 14th. So even if you aren't down to dress up, come enjoy the sights and sip on this out of this world brew!


In honor of the Science Center of Iowa hosting Star Wars in IMAX, we have created Java the Hutt, an aromatic and delicious blending of our Pointer Brown Ale, with freshly cold-brewed coffee from our friends at Java Joe's. The coffee is a mixture of several different beans to compliment the caramel and chocolate flavors in the Pointer Brown. This beer has a strong upfront aroma of coffee, but finished mild, without any roasted bitterness of a typical cup of coffee due to the cold brewing process.

ABV: 6.0% IBU: 28. 


You can also find CABCo's Java the Hutt Ale at the Food Chain Cafe at the Science Center for the entire time Star Wars will be showing at their IMAX theater. It's the perfect beverage to enjoy before the film!


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